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Nous n’aurions rien d’humain si le langage en nous devait être en entier servile.– Georges Bataille.

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With a dual expertise in criminal law and new technologies law, Antonin Paillet founded his firm after working in several Parisian business firms.

Antonin Paillet holds a master’s degree in private judicial law (criminal and civil procedure) and a master’s degree in new technologies law, both obtained at the University of Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
Antonin Paillet has also practiced legal assistance in prison in support of detainees as well as in medical-psychological centers for people suffering from mental health disorders.


The setting of fees is governed by the Code of Ethics of Lawyers, which provides that: « Fees are fixed according to custom, depending on the client’s financial situation, the difficulty of the case, the costs incurred by the lawyer, his reputation and his diligence. The lawyer in charge of a case may ask for fees from his client even if the case is taken away from him before its conclusion, to the extent of the work accomplished ».

The firm will charge you a flat fee or a fee based on time spent, in accordance with these principles and after a first meeting.


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