General criminal law

I assist defendants or victims before the French criminal courts at all stages of the proceedings:

  • custody / hearing;
  • appearance on a plea of guilty (CRPC);
  • litigation concerning pre-trial detention ;
  • correctional and criminal hearings.

I am involved in all types of offences (against persons and property; crimes and offences against the nation, the State and public peace).

Business criminal law

The firm represents corporate executives implicated for acts of:

  • abuse of corporate assets;
  • breach of trust;
  • bankruptcy;
  • fraud;
  • tax fraud;
  • money laundering.

Penitentiary law

I assist convicted persons before the courts of enforcement of sentences in order to modify the methods of enforcement of the sanction:

  • placing under electronic surveillance;
  • parole;
  • semi-liberty;
  • increase in the safety period.

I also appear before the Disciplinary Commission in defence of detained clients and before the administrative courts to contest measures or restore rights.